We strive to ensure that there is a culture of openness and direct communication throughout the organisation in keeping with our Code of Ethics. Our staff is comprised of a group of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for security and empowerment for young women in our Society. Additionally we aim to maintain strategic partnerships and public awareness so that our members and support systems (the people) are always informed.

The world of science and technology is ever evolving. The foundation has adapted the position of sustainability.

This alleviates the pressure and dependency associated with corporate sponsorships and increases awareness through our brand and image.

Innovation &





One of our key focal points is empowerment of young women. We intend to do this by providing the tools needed to teach young women life skills and provide them with a variety of areas of study. This will in turn ensure that they are better equipped to enjoy a higher standard of living and provide opportunities to women and children in order to foster an environment that would benefit them.

Life Skills 




The foundation is goal oriented with ensuring that our objectives and purpose are met. As a result, we are always motivated to take the necessary steps to inevitably accomplish our desired outcomes. We also understand the importance of taking responsibility for our actions, either directly or indirectly and in that light, our members and partners are all directly responsible for doing their part with the utmost sincerity and are held to the highest ethical standards.