Built on the intention of providing premium and affordable products, Prudent Caribbean Limited seeks to make everyday self-care a euphoric experience. Each certifies organic product is meticulously created with our consumers at heart. More than mere fragrances and oils, our sulphate free, low pH products are carefully formulated with high-quality ingredients to leave your body feeling nourished and hydrated from sole to scalp.

The gentle fragrances of our 100% natural scented oils will leave you smelling like it's spa day!

Take advantage of personalizing scents as you fall in love with each offering from our line of products. Our products are available in a wide range of sizes and packaging for personal and commercial use.

Remaining true to our ethos, our products are not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly.



Midnight Vanilla

The enchanting moonlit darkness of midnight is captured in this hypnotising scent through its warm amber base. The sugary vanilla adds an extra sweetness to this scent, making it cosy, seductive and addictive. The powerful antioxidant properties of vanilla contributes to keeping the skin firm and youthful, while the antibacterial and anti inflammatory benefits protect and soothe the epidermis. The fragrance of vanilla is also known to have a powerful positive effects on the mood, when inhaled. Escape in the soothing and healing fragrance of our midnight vanilla fragrance oil. 


Caribbean Escape

Escape to an idyllic island oasis with this sweet blend of juicy grapefruit, tropical pineapple and creamy coconut in a smooth, subtle vanilla base. The combination of soothing smoothness from coconut with a citrus twist will make you look forward to applying it your skin every day. 

Phthalate Free


Island Hibiscus

A tropical flower synonymous with festivities and the bliss of a tropical escape with notes of soft, sweet orach blossom. The bright floral notes of jasmine, rose, and gardenia add to the therapeutic scents of a garden growing just outside a sandalwood scented hut. Close your eyes and this fragrance will transport your mind to a waterfall on a secluded island. 


Moroccan Argan Oil

The scent of pear is the overtone of this fun, fruity fragrance -- melded with apple, orange, and other zesty notes. Hints of floral, nutty almond and sweet musk add to the complexity of the soothing fragrance. Moroccan oil is known to benefit the health of skin and hair. It leaves the skin soft and glowing, and is generally used as a natural moisturizer for sensitive skin. Moroccan oil is also known for its healing properties --  making it ideal for the removal of scars. While being a natural anti-dandruff remedy, moroccan oil will nourish and repair damaged hair, resulting in healthier, glowing skin and shiny hair. 


Coconut Lemongrass

A euphoric mix of sweet, creamy coconut and fresh lemongrass will  take you to another dimension. The creamy sweetness of coconut oil is accompanied by its highly nourishing potential. One of the most versatile and widely used natural oils, the components of coconut oil will cleanse while nourishing. The addition of lemon grass makes the oil more appealing. The scent of lemon grass calls for a deeper inhale as this weightless combination satisfies your body and senses.